Shakira – Significant facts

Famous as: Singer/songwriter/dancer/record producer/philanthropist
Full Name: Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll
Nickname: Shaki
Date of Birth: February 2, 1977
Birthplace: Barranquilla, Colombia
Race or Ethnicity: Spanish/Italian
Nationality: Colombian
Father: William Mebarak Chadid
Mother: Nidia del Carmen Ripoll Torrado

The most brilliant and sexiest star from the Latina

Shakira is a pop singer, songwriter, musician, dancer, and philanthropist from Colombia. She is very popular for her barefoot performances and belly/hip shakes.

Music Albums of Shakira

At the age of 13, Shakira released her first promotional album ‘Magia’ in 1990. The second promotional album, ‘Peligro’ was released in 1993. It was in 1996 that she released her first album “Pies Descalzos.” The album was a big success and sold five million copies across the globe obtaining America’s platinum certification. The album had six singles. In 1997, she released her remix album titled “The Remixes.” The album featured remixes of songs from her first album.

In 1998, Shakira released “Dónde Están los Ladrones?” her second studio album. The album sold about ten million copies and was again certified platinum. The album had eleven tracks. Shakira won the Latin Grammy Awards and a number of other awards for her great vocal exhibit in this album. Her first ever live album was “MTV Unplugged” and it was released in 2000. The album went on to rank #1 on Billboard chart.

In 2001, Shakira released her next album “Laundry Service” that included songs in English. It became the bestseller of 2002 selling over 20 million copies all over the world. “Whenever, Wherever” from this album managed to reach the Top 10 on U.S. Billboard Hot 100 Singles chart. In November 2002, she released her second compilation album “Grandes Éxitos.” In 2004, “Live & off the Record,” her second live album was released. Her next studio album was “Fijación Oral Vol. 1.”

Shakira released her first English (fully) studio album “Oral Fixation Vol. 2,” in 2005. “Hips Don’t Lie” from this album topped the charts in many countries. She released a box set of two volumes of Oral Fixation in 2006. Shakira released her third English album and sixth overall, “She Wolf” in 2009. Her next studio album was “Sale el Sol,” released in 2010. Her latest album was titled “Shakira” and was released in the US on the 25th of March, 2014.

During the closing ceremony of the FIFA World Cup 2014, on July 13, 2014, Shakira ‘wowed’ the audience with her sizzling performance of “La La La.”

Early Life of Shakira

Shakira was born on the 2nd of February, 1977 in Barranquilla, Colombia. She is the youngest daughter of Lebanese American father and Colombian mother. She has seven siblings. At a very early age, she was exposed to music of both English songs as well as music of Latin America. She preferably liked songs from The Cure, Nirvana, The Police and Led Zeppelin. Shakira went to La Ensenanza School, Barranquilla. When she was just four years old, she wrote “La rose de cristal,” her first poem! At school she was a live performer and displayed her vocal skills with Rock and Roll as well as other Middle Eastern and Latin influences. She wrote her first lyrics when she was 8 years old. At 10, she participated in a number of local and national contests and was always a winner. When Shakira was 13, she moved to Bogoto with thoughts of becoming a model. But, in Bogota, Sony Colombia’s Pablo Tedeschi and Miguel E Cubillos noticed her and offered a record deal.

Personal Life

In 2000, Shakira was dating Antonio de la Rúa, an Argentinian lawyer and son of the then Argentinean President. They had shared a relationship for almost 11 years when they parted ways in 2011. At that time, Shakira announced that this break up was just temporary; however, in 2012, Antonio filed a court case against her that she owes him $250 million for ownership of assets mutually held by both as well as for being her business manager. Needless to say, their relationship came to an end permanently. Shakira is at present dating the Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué who is ten years younger than her. The couple has a son named Milan Piqué i Mebarak who was born on the 22nd of January, 2013. The family currently lives in Barcelona, Spain.

Social Responsibility activities of Shakira

Shakira is a proud founder of Pies Descalzos Foundation (Barefoot foundation). The organization offers underprivileged and displaced children in Colombia to gain access to high quality education. Ever since 2005, her philanthropic work has received global attention to social responsibility and education through the expansion of Pies Descalzos Foundation and América Latina en Acción Solidaria (ALAS).

Shakira: Lesser Known Facts

  • Shakira speaks a number of languages. Though her native language is Spanish, she is also quite proficient in Portuguese and English. Besides, she can speak some French, Italian, and Catalan.
  • She and her husband Gerard Pique share their date of birth. However, the sexy singer is exactly 10 years senior to the Barcelona defender.
  • Her song ‘Waka Waka” is the highest selling World Cup song!
  • Shakira is beauty with brains. The world’s oldest high IQ society, Mensa International, has revealed a stunning fact that the Colombian singer has an IQ of 140! (average IQ is 100)
  • President Obama invited her to The White House in the year 2010 in order to chat about early childhood development; in 2011, The US Government appointed her as a member of Educational Excellence for Hispanics, a White House initiative.
  • In 2011, she got a ‘star’ on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
  • Shakira is a dedicated advocate for children and she is a global UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. The UNICEF appointed her to the position on the 24th of October, 2003.
  • With her live performance for “La La La” in the summer 2014 FIFA World Cup, she has topped over 100 million likes on the social networking site, Facebook. This record easily makes her the most renowned public figure on Facebook.

Famous Quotes from Shakira

“Fame isolates people from reality. That happens to many artists; and I don’t want it to happen to me.”

“I prefer an ugly truth to a pretty lie. If someone is telling me the truth that is when I will give my heart.”

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