Dan Brown

Quick Facts

Famous as: Novelist
Full Name: Daniel Brown
Birthplace: New Hampshire, United States
Birthday: 22-Jun-1964
Nationality: United States
Father: Dick Brown
Mother: Connie Brown
Wife: Blythe Brown (2 children)
Education: BA English
Awards: Book Sense Book of the Year Award for Adult Fiction

The Most Popular fiction Author of the Modern Times

Dan Brown is one of the most popular novelists and is author of several bestselling thriller fictions that include The Da Vinci Code, one of the all time bestsellers. Novels written by Brown are published in 52 languages across the world.

Early Life of Dan Brown

Dan Brown was born on June 22, 1964 in Exeter, New Hampshire to Dick Brown and Connie Brown. He was the eldest son of three children. His father was a mathematics genius. He was working as a mathematics instructor in Phillips Exeter Academy where Brown did his schooling. Then again, his mother was an organ player and worked as a music professor. She was primarily practicing revered music. As soon as he graduated from school, he attended Amherst College to get an English degree as well as Spanish. After graduated from college in 1986, he spent a number of years trying to become an established singer, songwriter and pianist. However, he was not fortunate enough to make it.

As Dan Brown was trying to become a musician, he relocated to Los Angeles. He joined Beverley Hills Preparatory School to teach Spanish for getting a regular income. It was here that he met Blythe Newlon. She was working at the National Academy of Singers and Songwriters as the artistic director. As their relationship developed, Blythe made use of her influence and power to enhance Brown’s career. He produced four music CDs. Due to his somewhat privy nature, Brown was not able to earn enough up to his talent and advance his career in music. As a result, in 1993, he made up his mind to go back to England along with Blythe. Dan Brown managed to join the Phillips Exeter Academy as an English teacher. He also taught Spanish at Lincoln Akerman. It was during this time that Blythe helped him to publish a book named 187 Men to Avoid: A Survival Guide for the Romantically Frustrated Woman under the pseudonym Danielle Brown.

Dan Brown Transforms as a leading novelist

In 1993 Dan Brown read The Doomsday Conspiracy by Sidney Sheldon and decided that thriller genres were his cup of tea. Ultimately, in 1997, he came out with his first ever novel, a techno-thriller named Digital Fortress. Prior to that, in 1996, he quit teaching. Later, he went on to write Angels and Demons followed by Deception Point. One of the most popular bestsellers and the masterpiece of Brown, The Da Vinci Code, was published in 2003. It sold over 6000 copies at the first day and reached the Best Seller List of New York Times in its very first week! His subsequent novels, The Lost Symbol, was published in 2009 and Inferno in 2013. The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons have been adapted into movies in the Hollywood. Though he has written only six novels (until June 2014), he is one of the most famous novelists of the present era.

Personal life of Dan Brown

It was in 1991, shortly after Dan Brown moved to Hollywood with the dream to become a well known singer and songwriter, he met his future wife Blythe Newlon at the National Academy of Singers and Songwriters. She was about 12 years older than he was and proved to be influential in helping Brown find success. Blythe supported him when he decided to drop his original career choice and choose to begin a career in writing,. She carried out most of his promotions and helped him establish himself.

Despite the fact that Blythe was close to Dan Brown personally all through their early years of knowing one another, a lot of speculation surrounded the point where they formally became a couple. Brown as well as Blythe was very reserved persons who valued their personal lives a lot. So, it was not very obvious that they were not merely friends until 1993 when they moved to New Hampshire together. They later married in his hometown and made their relationship official.

Though Dan Brown is the named author on each book, there is gossip that Blythe had a heavy hand in co-writing the books. Well, this has never been confirmed. Her supportive nature towards his career is obvious that she decided to help him promote his books. She involved herself in planning events, scheduling press releases, and making him contact those who could assist him achieve success. In the way Brown features Blythe in his books’ dedications, one could understand his gratitude for his wife’s genuine efforts.

Dan Brown’s passion for literature

As is quite natural for an author, Dan Brown has always been passionate about literature. As mentioned earlier, one of his key influences is Sidney Sheldon. Besides Sheldon, he has been largely influenced by William Shakespeare’s works, especially his popular play, Much Ado About Nothing. Brown spends up to four years researching every novel he writes. Since most of his novels revolve around his personal pastime and decoding secrets and clues, performing research on such mysterious topics is not very challenging for him.

Though Dan Brown invests a lot of his time into his writing, he has the habit of setting an hourglass on his desktop so that he remembers to take a break frequently in order to work out and maintain his fitness.

Charity Work

Dan Brown along with his siblings donated US$2.2 million to the Phillips Exeter Academy in honor of his father Dick Brown to establish the Richard G. Brown Technology Endowment. This endowment aimed at providing computer and other high-tech equipment for poor students. Besides, he and his wife also support the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation. In 2011, they created the Dan ’86 as well as Blythe Brown Scholarship Fund, a lastingly endowed scholarship fund at the Amherst College.

Famous Quotes of Dan Brown

“The more man learned, the more he realized he did not know.”

“There is a fine line between insanity and genius.”

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